Katja and Jaco met in the corporate world, doing what everybody They realised that they share mountain biking as a common interest. To top it, they both were not normal mountain bikers. A bicycle was only a means to getting closer and more in touch with nature. Scouting for new routes inspired them to spend their free time exploring off the beaten tracks, curious about the magic that nature offers.

They asked themselves, if life was like an artist’s canvas, and they were the artists, what would their personal canvas look like? Would they be happy to hold it up high one day and claim it as their own?

And so Wild Canvas Experiences was created. Incorporating their favourite activities that took them to their favourite places, Jaco and Katja share their love for nature and explorer spirit with creativity and enthusiasm. Sharing what is local and easily accessible to them with those curious enough to adventure.

We believe that a holiday is about slowing down, integrating with the environment and absorbing the essence and subtleties of a place. Our promise is to remain authentic and staying true to a local experience.


Our commitment is simple. Each of our adventures has to pass our WOW test.

Creates a deep
sense of appreciation

Challenges my comfort
zone... even just a little

Inspires my
creative juices

Blows me away
with awesome nature

Makes my heart flutter